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We offer lessons in:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Ukulele
  • Violin
  • Viola

We are now offering in person lessons as well as online lessons!

What does a person gain from music lessons?

Research has shown that students gain much more than facts and motor skills.  In fact, they gain lifelong skills such as:

  • The patience to persist at a tough (and perhaps boring) task;
  • The ability to delay gratification;
  • The curiosity and grit to problem solve;
    …just to name just a few. Via NAfME

What do I tell my kids who are beginning music lessons for the first time?

  1. “You are allowed to fail, but it’s your failures that will make you better”

Becoming good at anything in life demands that we struggle – and that’s a good thing. You need to help your child understand the value of the learning process. The destination is much more enjoyable, but it’s the journey that makes you grow.

…In your child’s case, they need to sound bad before they sound good; they need to work on things just beyond what they are capable of in order to get better and smarter, and that means they need to make mistakes.
…Learning a musical instrument allows us to grow from our mistakes. Via NAfME

  1. “Hard work trumps talent!”

Getting good at something through hard work promises much greater fulfillment than being naturally good at it without hard work.

Practicing a skill over and over, the right way, fires circuits in our brains that solidify that skill. Sure, some people find some skills easier at first than others, but the people who practice that skill daily in order to “burn it” into their brain will always far surpass people who don’t practice enough. Practicing a musical instrument helps children learn the universal truth that hard work trumps talent. Via NAfME

  1. “This is a long-term commitment”

kids with instruments

Studies have shown that students who identified that they would play their instrument for longer than one year outperformed students who only committed to one year of playing by up to 400% — practicing the same amount of time if not less!  The ideas and mindsets students bring to their musical instrument study have a direct effect on their success, and it’s the parents’ role to set the tone on the first day by not giving their child an “easy out” to quit.  Make the decision to invest in your child’s music education for at least a few years of their schooling and you will see results. Via NAfME

Knowing the kind of benefits that music promises, maybe parents should put just as much effort at encouraging their kids to work hard at it like they do other core subjects. Again, like any other subject, your child will treat his or her music education with the same level of value you place on it.

girl playing piano
Image Courtesy of PBS

There are not many subjects taught in school that have the potential to give our children the life skills they need to be successful beyond their school lives. Our children can learn how to have grit, motivation, problem-solving skills, flexibility, and character during and after their K-12 schooling — and music is the vehicle to teach these skills.
What if we as parents treated music like any other core subject and expected our children to study it for at least 4 or 5 years? What does “success in school” mean to you and your child? Via NAfME

As we strive at Tracy’s Tunes to provide our customers and students with quality services, please take a few moments to read our store’s policy regarding payment, cancellations, and privacy.




Payment for lessons is requested on a monthly basis.  The lessons are $30.00 for each half-hour.  There will be no refunds or credits given for absenteeism. You may enroll in person at our store, or online at


For example:           4 lessons per month = $120.00

                            5 lessons per month = $150.00


Please note that payment for the upcoming month is due the last week of the current month to reserve your lesson day and time.  For example: October’s payment is due the last week of September.


It is your responsibility to make payments to the studio in a timely fashion, even if the lesson is missed on the payment due date.  Make checks payable to your teacher.  You may make your payments in person at the front desk of our store, or online, or send to the address above.


Please make all payments, schedule changes, and reschedules through the front desk or online.  Payments, schedule changes, and reschedules done through the teacher only cannot be processed properly, and therefore cannot be guaranteed through Tracy’s Tunes.




If you must cancel a lesson, please contact the studio at 537-6619, or tell us at the front desk.

No credit or refund shall be given for a missed lesson.  Please remember that your payment is guaranteeing that your teacher is reserving a time-slot exclusively for you, and his/her time must be compensated for regardless of whether a lesson is given.  Every attempt, however, will be made to reschedule the missed lesson if possible and if more than 24 hours notice has been given.  There is a $5.00 fee for rescheduled lessons payable upon arrival.  Please be punctual for lessons.  If you’re going to be late, please call.  Your teacher will only wait 15 minutes for you.


If the store is closed due to inclement weather or a holiday, or your teacher is not available (i.e.: illness, etc.) your account will be credited, or you will be offered a makeup lesson.  If you are unsure of weather conditions and have not been notified, please contact Tracy’s Tunes at 537-6619.  You will be notified when you make your payment about upcoming holidays and other foreseeable store closings.




Your privacy is important to us.  Your personal information is never given to other companies.  Store personnel are the only ones who have access to your files in case of an emergency, or to cancel or reschedule a lesson.


We at Tracy’s Tunes thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to serving you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the store or your teacher.

Thank you for your interest in Tracy's Tunes.  Hope to see you soon!

Tracy Johnson




TRACY JOHNSON, flutes, saxes, clarinets, trombones, piano, ukulele

HANK SCHAEFFER, percussion, piano

GLENN HANSEN, trumpets, piano, percussion, guitars, bass, ukulele

SAEKO RUSSELL, violin, viola

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